Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Where does your website rank?

Did you pay for a website and it's nowhere to be found? A website is made up of complex and detailed codes that must be written properly for the best possible organic search engine ranking. There are many "tricks of the trade" a good web designer will use to give you optimal results. After 16 years of experience in SEO, I can generally look at a website and and immediately see where improvements should be made. Most times a complete redesign is recommended. If it didn't work the first time, it usually means tweaking a few things here and there won't be enough to make it rank any higher. Content most likely needs to be re-written and re-organized as well as changing coding & design to bring higher search engine rankings. Lake St. Louis Web Design knows how search engines work and how to utilize the web to increase your exposure.

SEO Services:

Lake St. Louis Web Design is proficient in search engine optimization and will either create a new website or redesign your existing site based on specific keywords and phrases to give your company the best exposure. I will use the best SEO practices and advise you of the best ways to increase your website rankings.
  • Select your target keywords and analyze the competition and review competitor's website content.
  • Improve your content, coding, page loading times, internal linking structure and crawl optimization to ensuring that internal links, keywords & phrases are in order.
  • Optimize your site for visitors. Modify pages, add call to action, and try to turn visitors into customers.
  • Search Engine Marketing including social media, local listings, directory listings and more.

Don't get scammed!

Be leary of those who guarantee first page listings, no one can fulfill that promise unless you are paying for those top spots. If your website is designed properly for seo then you should not have to pay monthly pay per click advertising fees to maintain your placement on search engines. Good search engine placement starts with a good website design.

My goal is to attain high organic rankings across a wide range of keywords related to your business, driving visitors and potential customers to your website. When increasing your exposure, I never focus on just one approach, but instead explore all the available methods of internet marketing and search engine ranking as possible.

Optimize Your Business

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